Covering buildings with digital prints is one of the most widespread methods of promoting advertising messages and company presence.

There are two main methods for covering the face of a building:
A) Decoration of buildings with hung vinyls.
B) Decoration with adhesive films on glass.

A. Digital printing on vinyl
Digital printing on vinyl basically involves two materials: plain vinyl and mesh. The choice depends on the case and is directly related to the suspension point as well as to the area covered.

B) Digital printing on adhesive films
Digital printing on adhesive films has many different applications. We can use adhesive coloured films in different designs and colours, or plain and/or printed sandblast film. Usually, we cover the plate glass walls of buildings totally or up to a certain point with easily-removable adhesive sections. Adhesive mesh functions exactly like hung mesh, i.e. here we also have 30-40% of incoming light being blocked, although no metal structures are needed to hold it up.